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Hours and Location


Monday through Friday: 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.
Saturday: 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.


We are located 2 miles south of Fearrington Village, off of 15-501. Our address is 58 East Cotton Rd. This is directly across 15-501 from Hamlet Chapel Rd. If you are driving north from Pittsboro, East Cotton Road is the first major road to the right after Allen and Sons BBQ. If heading south from Chapel Hill, East Cotton Road is the first road on the left after crossing the small bridge and climbing a long hill.

Do I need to make an appointment?

Appointments are highly recommended to ensure that you and your pets are seen in a timely manner. Please call for additional information (919) 542-1975.

What is a "paperless" animal hospital?

We are an almost 100% paperless animal hospital, which is the wave of the future. All blood work, radiographs, medicines and diagnoses will be stored in the computer, making it easier, quicker and more efficient to treat your pet.

Need more information? Please contact us!

Why does my indoor only cat need to see the vet?

Cats are excellent at doing many things, but they are best at hiding signs of illness from their people. They know through instinct that if they show that they are not well, they may be prey for someone soon. This makes it hard to tell what is really going on with your feline. Recently an indoor-only cat came in for her physical exam. The owner was not aware of any problems with her cat, as she was eating well, drinking well, not having behavior problems or litterbox issues. A comprehensive physical exam revealed that this kitty had a heart murmur, dental disease and high thyroid levels. With accurate diagnostics and treatment, this cat will continue to thrive and live for many, many years. If your cat has not been seen by a veterinarian in the past year, please call today to schedule an appointment.

Heart disease and dental disease can go hand in hand. The tartar on the teeth is made of plaque, which is made of bacteria. The gums and gingiva are inflamed, leading to bleeding. This bleeding is a path for the oral bacteria to go into the blood stream and eventually travel to the heart. The bacteria infect the heart valves (called endocarditis) and can cause heart murmurs. This is why continuing vigilant oral care is very important, especially to our older pets.

Why should I microchip my pet?

Is your pet microchipped? If not - it's something everyone should seriously consider doing for their pet. When Ingrid moved here almost two years ago from New Hampshire, her cat Puppy ran away and was missing for a year. She then one night got a call from someone who had trapped him, brought him to a vet where they scanned him, and was able to get her information to bring him back home to her! If he hadn't been microchipped - who knows where he would have ended up. It's a quick poke in their scruff, the microchip itself is smaller than a grain of rice, and off you go! It's worth the one time fee to make sure your pet will always be linked to your name and phone number - you never know if or how your pet may go missing. Call if you have any questions about microchipping or if you want to set up a time to get your pet in for this painless and quick procedure!


Hope Crossing Animal Hospital

58 E. Cotton Rd.

Pittsboro, NC 27312

For general information, questions, appointment requests, call us at:

Phone: (919) 542-1975 Fax: (919) 542-1301 Email us at: [email protected]

We refer our after hours emergencies to several local 24 hour facilities. These include: Veterinary Specialty Hospital
(919) 233-4911 NCSU College of Veterinary Medicine
(919) 513-6500 Triangle Veterinary Referral Hospital
(912) 489-0615 Animal Emergency Clinic of Cary
(919) 462-8989

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