Anesthesia is an important part of our practice. Unlike in humans, we can not ask, or expect, an animal to "sit still and let me suture up this cut". (well.. maybe just like humans!) At times when just a local numbing agent would be appropriate for a human, we would need to completely anesthetize an animal. Often times, the stress of the procedure compounds (or is even worse than) the issue they were being seen for. 

Here at Hope Crossing, we are trained in the best and safest techniques to care for your pet. We do pre- anesthetic bloodwork, to check for the ability of the animal to process the medications we use. We then select the lightest level of medication to use, to shorten the anesthetic episode as much as possible. We try always to use the lowest effective dose. This helps to prevent the risks normally associated with anesthesia. We are invested in your pet's health, safety, and comfort.

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We refer our after hours emergencies to several local 24 hour facilities. These include: Veterinary Specialty Hospital
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