Orthopedic Surgery

Orthopedic Surgery

Some injuries, you can treat with pain medicine, or even just cage rest. Others can be more severe. Luxated patellas (dislocated knee cap), broken bones, torn ACL, or even when amputation is needed, is not something a general practitioner usually does. Dr. Webster often referred our clients in need of these services to the excellent care of VSRP, VSH, or the vet school at NCSU. That can be expensive and stressful for both owner and pet. Dr. Webster had agonized for years about how to make it both more affordable, and more comfortable for all involved. That was when we met Dr. Chad Aderhold. Dr. A owns several successful practices to the west of us. His passion is orthopedic surgery. He will come to our practice and do repairs of ligaments and bones. We are so fortunate to be able to offer this service, from such a great surgeon. We have had several successful repairs done. This has been a fantastic addition to our practice.

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We refer our after hours emergencies to several local 24 hour facilities. These include: Veterinary Specialty Hospital
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