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Cat & Dog Bathing and Grooming in Pittsboro

At our Pittsboro animal hospital, we offer bathing services for all breeds of dogs, helping your companion stay clean and healthy at all times!

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Professional Bathing Services

Professional bathing is an easy way to help your beloved companion stay clean and help them look great. 

Our animal hospital in Pittsboro is proud to offer professional bathing services on Wednesdays for your canine companions to help keep them feeling fresh.

We can also provide certain cat-specific services such as lion cuts. These are performed by staff during regular office hours daily to help care for your feline friends.

Dog Bathing | Pittsboro Vet

Bathing Services

Our bathing services are available daily, and include shampooing, nail trim, ear cleaning, and anal gland extraction, as well as blowing drying and brushing.

The shampoo that our team uses to clean your beloved pet can help keep your cat or dog smelling great for up to two weeks!

The cost of a bathing session may vary between pets depending on breed and size, the type of coat they have and whether they have any significant behavioral issues. Please contact us for a cost estimate. 

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Benefits of Bathing

There are several sanitary and dermatological benefits to regular bathing sessions for cats and dogs, such as:

  • Removes dirt & odor for cleaner skin and coat
  • Softens and conditions coat
  • Reduces shedding
  • Helps treat and reduce symptoms of any allergies & skin conditions
  • Helps us monitor your pet's health

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Welcoming New Patients

Our vets at Hope Crossing Animal Hospital are now accepting new patients! Our talented veterinary team is passionate about caring for the pets of Pittsboro. Contact us today to book your first appointment. 

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